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Time for some Newborn photography, last month I visited Anna & Mathew at their home to photograph their Newborn Baby, Oskar Bernard. I think you will agree, he is totally gorgeous.


Born on the 23rd October, in these photos he is just 7 days old. He was a perfect little cutie, and made the perfect model.


Newborn_baby_Oscar_in_a_basket Newborn_photography_chelmsford_02 newborn photography chelmsford Newborn_photography_chelmsford_04 Newborn_photography_chelmsford_05 Newborn_photography_chelmsford_06 Newborn_photography_chelmsford_07 Newborn_photography_chelmsford_08 Newborn_photography_chelmsford_09 Newborn_photography_chelmsford_10 Newborn_photography_chelmsford_11 Newborn_photography_chelmsford_12 Newborn_photography_chelmsford_13 Newborn_photography_chelmsford_14 Newborn_photography_chelmsford_15 Newborn_photography_chelmsford_16 Newborn_photography_chelmsford_17 Newborn_photography_chelmsford_18 Newborn_photography_chelmsford_19 Newborn_photography_chelmsford_20 Newborn_photography_chelmsford_21

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