Adam & Jordans Wedding at Hatfield Place

Jordan and Adam's confetti photograph at their wedding at Hatfield Place

Wedding at Hatfield Place

Way back in early March 2020, before Covid was a thing in the UK we celebrated Adam and Jordan’s wedding. It so strange looking back now, but just a few weeks later, hugs, kisses and weddings would not be a thing for well over a year. If I had of known, I would have stayed all night long and danced my socks off.

Adam & Jordan’s wedding at Hatfield Place was going to be special. They had been through so much to get to the big day as they had to postpone the date last minute, which was devastating. Five months later than expected and in winter rather than autumn we celebrated in style at Hatfield Place.

About Hatfield Place

Hatfield Place is a brand new sparkly venue situated just outside Chelmsford in the village of Hatfield Peveral. Being local, as soon as I found out Hatfield Place was being renovated and turning into a wedding venue.  I was ecstatic. Not only because the building is so stunning but because I knew the couple behind the renovation. In fact it was the same couple that so kindly let me use their own home for a backdrop for my own wedding photos. The owners of Hatfield Place are Alison and Ian Twinley and they are both ultra dedicated hard workers. Every time I have been fortunate enough to visit the venue they are always there, grafting away. They clearly have fallen for the building and have so carefully restored it to the highest standards and that shows in every single part of the venue.

Michelle - the Face of Hatfield Place

Also worth a mention is the wonderful Michelle. If your looking at visiting Hatfield Place or have booked a wedding here your know Michelle and how fantastic she is. She is the main face of Hatfield Place and for your wedding and is always on hand to help.

In 2020 I was due to shoot no less than 4 weddings at this stunning venue but now I’m still waiting to re visit. And I can not blinking wait. Looking back at Jordan and Adam’s big day was so magical I hope you enjoy this snippet of their wedding photography.