Chloe & Dean Creeksea Place, Burnham

Chloe and Dean where married at the fabulous Creeksea Place in Burnham on Crouch on the 26th July 2014. The weather was gorgeous and lucky for me Creeksea Place offered an abundance of picturesque areas for me to work in. A special thanks to Louise the co-ordinator at Creeksea Place, she was absolutely fantastic and couldn’t have been more helpful.

Chloe looked absolutely stunning in her Caroline Castigliano dress it suited her tiny figure perfectly.  The flowers where by Danielle at the Flower Fountain in Benflleet a former bride of mine. She did a fantastic job, the flowers looked amazing.

I especially love the table plan, Chloe’s dad found the bike at a boot sale and painted it for her and then Chloe designed the rest – I love a bit of clever DIY!

Thank you Chloe and Dean for having me share your day I hope you like the photos x
Creeksea_Place_002 Creeksea_Place_003 Creeksea_Place_005 Creeksea_Place_008 Creeksea_Place_009 Creeksea_Place_010 Creeksea_Place_011 Creeksea_Place_012 Creeksea_Place_013 Creeksea_Place_014 Creeksea_Place_015 Creeksea_Place_017 Creeksea_Place_018 Creeksea_Place_019 Creeksea_Place_020 Creeksea_Place_022 Creeksea_Place_023 Creeksea_Place_025 Creeksea_Place_027 Creeksea_Place_028 Creeksea_Place_031 Creeksea_Place_033 Creeksea_Place_034 Creeksea_Place_035 Creeksea_Place_036 Creeksea_Place_037 Creeksea_Place_038 Creeksea_Place_040 Creeksea_Place_041 Creeksea_Place_042 Creeksea_Place_043 Creeksea_Place_044 Creeksea_Place_045 Creeksea_Place_047 Creeksea_Place_049 Creeksea_Place_050 Creeksea_Place_051 Creeksea_Place_052 Creeksea_Place_053 Creeksea_Place_054 Creeksea_Place_055 Creeksea_Place_057 Creeksea_Place_058 Creeksea_Place_061 creeksea place wedding photography Creeksea_Place_063 Creeksea_Place_064 Chloe and deans wedding at creek sea place Creeksea_Place_066 Creeksea_Place_067 Creeksea_Place_068 Creeksea_Place_069 Creeksea_Place_071 Creeksea_Place_073 Creeksea_Place_074 Creeksea_Place_075 Creeksea_Place_076 Creeksea_Place_077 Creeksea_Place_078 Creeksea_Place_079 Creeksea_Place_080 Creeksea_Place_082 Creeksea_Place_083 Creeksea_Place_084 Creeksea_Place_086 Creeksea_Place_087 Creeksea_Place_088 Creeksea_Place_090 Creeksea_Place_091 Creeksea_Place_093 Creeksea_Place_094 Creeksea_Place_095 Creeksea_Place_096 Creeksea_Place_097 Creeksea_Place_099 Creeksea_Place_100 Creeksea_Place_101 Creeksea_Place_103 Creeksea_Place_107 Creeksea_Place_108 Creeksea_Place_109 Creeksea_Place_111 Creeksea_Place_112 Creeksea_Place_113 Creeksea_Place_114 Creeksea_Place_115 Creeksea_Place_116 Creeksea_Place_117 Creeksea_Place_118 Creeksea_Place_119 Creeksea_Place_120 creeksea place vintage wedding Creeksea place wedding photography by jasmine jade Creeksea_Place_123 Creeksea_Place_126 Creeksea_Place_127 Creeksea_Place_128 Creeksea_Place_133 Creeksea_Place_134