Family Photoshoot on location
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You may recognise this man and his lovely little family. David from Rideout is the most talented videographer I know and I am lucky enough to work with him quite a bit.  When he asked me to photograph his family I was delighted but nervous.

This man is unbelievable creative. I have seen so many photos he has taken of his family on Facebook and so creating something that he hadn’t already done himself would be a challenge. Lucky for me none of his photos actually included him so I started with an advantage.

001_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 002_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 003_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 004_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 005_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 006_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 007_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 008_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 009_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 010_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 011_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 012_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 013_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 014_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 015_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 016_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 017_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 018_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 019_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 020_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 021_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 022_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 023_Family_Photoshoot_on_location Family Photoshoot on location 025_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 026_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 027_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 028_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 029_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 030_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 031_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 032_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 033_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 034_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 035_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 036_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 037_Family_Photoshoot_on_location 038_Family_Photoshoot_on_location


  1. David Jul 22nd 06:41

    Jasmine they are amazing thank you so much. We couldn’t be happier and the debate of which ones to get printed and decorate our house with has raged on for a week and shows no sign of stopping! Thank you!!


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