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Frank and Jonny chose St Mary’s Church in the pretty village of Little Baddow for their wedding ceremony followed by a lavish home marque wedding reception at Frank’s parents’ house. I was introduced to Frank and Jonny through previous clients and quickly learned that we all grew up in the same village and had many mutual friends. By coincidence, I too had my wedding reception at my parents’ house so we learned we had all this in common within the first five minutes of meeting each other! This got our working relationship off to a really warm and friendly start and made shooting this wedding a real pleasure for me.

Before the ceremony I took some photos of Frank getting ready, the gorgeous light in the room allowing me to take some amazing black and white shots. Frank looked stunning in a beautiful dress from Abigail’s in Colchester. The father of the bride was overcome with pride when he got his first glimpse of his daughter. (I was overcome with envy at my first glimpse of her Vera Wang shoes!)

Little Baddow is a picturesque village and St Mary’s Church, which dates right back to the 1100’s, and boasts lovely views across the fields to the Chelmer Navigation. The church flowers and bouquets were exquisite and were the wonderful creation of family friend Wendy Fletcher.

After the ceremony I had a chance to get some really great shots before the rain set in and we all headed back to Frank’s parents’ house for the reception held in a luxurious marquee in their lovely garden. I was particularly impressed with the personalised bunting sporting the bride and grooms faces! The rain seemed determined to stay but that certainly didn’t dampen anybody’s spirits. The wedding reception had a wonderful energy and fizz about it that seemed to fill the marque with love and plenty of laughter which is exactly the atmosphere that I know Frank and Jonny wanted for their special day.

The first dance was beautiful and managed to move all the parents to tears! This was followed by much more dancing that carried on well into the night.

Congratulations Frank and Jonny for getting married and for creating such a memorable day for yourselves, your family and your friends.

Dress: Abigail’s in Colchester
Marquee hire: Chelmer Marquees
Suits: Anthony’s Suit Hire, Billericay

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