So I have been waiting to share this one for a while, my beautiful sister Kim and her handsome Groom, Dave where married at Hylands House, Chelmsford followed by a reception at my parents house.



They opted for a grey and white colour scheme, a classic and elegant look enhanced by the beautiful flowers by Blossom Hill florist in Danbury. Hylands House was the perfect venue for them to get married, and have their photos taken.



My favourite thing about weddings is a couple’s personality splashed all over it. This is the 3rd wedding in less than 2 years at my parent’s house (including my own, and another sisters) and it was just lovely to see the house look so different for each wedding. They had Shanay Holmes a solo singer (who happened to be on X-factor the same week!) sing after the meal and for their 1st dance. That girl is a super talent, rarely at weddings does everything stop for a singer but it did and she had all the guest’s attention. They also had Sono Showband, who where totally fantastic and had everyone dancing all night long, I would HIGHLY recommend them to any Bride and Groom, they made it so much fun.


I hope you like their photographs!


Hylands_house_01 Hylands_house_03 Hylands_house_04 Hylands_house_05 Hylands_house_06 Hylands_house_07 Hylands_house_08 Hylands_house_09 Hylands_house_10 Hylands_house_11 Hylands_house_12 Hylands_house_13 Hylands_house_14 Hylands_house_15 Hylands_house_16 Hylands_house_17 Hylands_house_18 Hylands_house_19 Hylands_house_21 Hylands_house_22 Hylands_house_23 Hylands_house_24 Hylands_house_25 Hylands_house_26 Hylands_house_27 Hylands_house_28 Hylands_house_29 Hylands_house_30 Hylands_house_31 Hylands_house_32 Hylands_house_33 Hylands_house_34 Hylands_house_35 Hylands_house_36 Hylands_house_37 Hylands_house_38 Hylands_house_39 Hylands_house_40 Hylands_house_41 Hylands_house_42 Hylands_house_43 Wedding Photography Hylands House Chelmsford Hylands_house_45 Hylands_house_46 Hylands_house_47 Hylands_house_48 Hylands_house_49 Hylands_house_50 Hylands_house_51 Hylands_house_52 Hylands_house_53 Hylands_house_54 Hylands_house_55 Hylands_house_56 Hylands_house_57 Hylands_house_58 Hylands_house_59 Hylands_house_60 Hylands_house_61 Hylands_house_62 Hylands_house_63 Hylands_house_64 Hylands_house_65 Hylands_house_66 Hylands_house_67 Hylands_house_68 Hylands_house_69 Hylands_house_70 Hylands_house_71 Hylands_house_72 Hylands_house_73 Hylands_house_74 Hylands_house_75 Hylands_house_76 Hylands_house_77 Hylands_house_78 Hylands_house_79 Hylands_house_80 Hylands_house_81 Hylands_house_82 Hylands_house_83 Hylands_house_84


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