Jenna & Samuel’s Wedding at Gaynes Park

Many of you know I have a little obsession with Gaynes Park in Epping. It is undoubtedly a great venue and is one of my favourite places to work for so many reasons: because the lovingly tended gardens provide a gorgeous backdrop for both posed and candid shots all year round; because the staff and owners are always so super helpful and everything always runs like clockwork; because the food is just so mouthwateringly delicious; but mostly because every single wedding I photograph there seems to be pretty beyond belief. Jenna & Samuel’s wedding was just that. They tied the knot on the 19th July, an incredibly hot summers day.

The bridesmaids dresses where an array of peach, blue and yellow pastel colours with  low backs and a big bow, absolutely super cute. I love the photograph of them hanging in the Coach House. The flowers by super talented where just perfect and looked super fresh (which is a super hard task on any super hot summer day) and so colourful suiting Jenna’s and Samuel’s friendly personalities wonderfully.

Jenna wore a Suzanne Neville fish tail dress, she looked absolutely stunning in it. I love the images of her in the walled garden Pavillion – in July and August this is my very favourite part of Gaynes it is so picturesque.

The Groom’s suit was bespoke and from the fabulous I loved the waistcoat and bright pink socks to match his button hole, all the men looked so smart. Jack Bunneys, as usual did a fantastic job, I highly recommend these guys.

Thanks so much to Jenna and Samuel for having me capture your big day at Gaynes Park, I had a wonderful time, it was so lovely to see you both so incredibly happy. Congratulations!

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