Galia Lahav wedding dress photographed at gaynes park in Epping at sunset
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Meeting Louise and Liam

When I met with Louise and Liam last year I instantly thought they were such a beautiful couple, absolutely perfect for one another and utterly lovely. Instantly I was filled with enthusiasm to be part of their big day. That is to say to capture it for them was an honour. Photographed at one of my favourite venues in Essex, the stunning Gaynes Park.

Galia Lahav Wedding Dress

The show stopper for me was always going to be the Galia Lahav wedding dress. Galia Lahav is a designer I have wanted to work with for some time so when Louise excitedly told me about her dress I leapt from my chair and clapped with glee. One year later and seeing that dress on the gorgeous Louise was everything I thought it might be and more. She looked simply stunning.

A Ring Exchange with a difference

Bride and Grooms often worry about what can go wrong at a wedding, but little do they no that it can be the things that go wrong that make such a lovely story for their future generations. Louise and Liam’s ring exchange was one of these moments. With all the excitement of getting ready in the morning their rings had been left behind, but without Louise and Liam knowing their Parents rings where used and presented to the couple to get married with. I love this story and hope that maybe someday when their children get married maybe they could start a little family tradition!!!

Supplier Love

So many great suppliers I have worked with previously at this wedding all doing an incredible job as always including the very talented Stacey at Designer flowers, such a talented lady. Inline films who are great fun and super talented and of course all the staff at Gaynes as usual perfectly professional and organised. The groomsmen’s suits were from the fabulous Anthony Formal Wear. Finally the Galia Lahav wedding dress was purchased from The wedding club London.

So enough chit chat from me lets get to the photos!!!

001_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_373 003_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_004 004_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_012 005_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_029 006_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_056 007_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_375 008_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_013 009_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_018 010_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_019 011_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_023 012_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_025 013_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_028 014_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_404 016_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_410 017_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_032 018_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_034 019_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_035 020_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_042 021_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_286 022_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_044 023_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_047 024_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_050 026_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_582 027_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_447 028_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_550 029_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_448 030_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_062 032_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_288 033_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_290 034_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_291 035_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_069 036_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_077 037_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_545 038_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_458 039_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_460 040_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_080 041_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_083 042_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_085 043_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_461 044_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_090 046_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_100 047_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_110 048_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_489 049_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_497 050_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_121 051_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_124 052_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_125 053_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_514 054_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_522 055_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_539 056_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_555 057_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_177 058_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_181 059_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_171 060_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_169 061_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_175 062_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_161 063_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_164 064_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_166 065_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_186 066_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_187 067_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_567 068_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_193 069_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_195 070_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_198 071_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_315 072_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_200 073_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_204 074_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_210 075_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_585 076_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_211 077_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_402 078_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_394 079_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_401 080_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_400 081_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_395 082_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_218 083_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_223 084_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_224 085_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_225 086_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_226 087_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_228 088_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_229 089_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_254 090_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_261 091_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_272 092_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_273 093_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_278 094_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_296 095_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_318 096_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_297 097_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_300 098_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_303 099_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_326 100_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_332 101_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_368 102_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_363 103_Louise_Liam_Gaynes_Park_366


Dress Designer:
Galia Lahav
Make up artist:
Krystal Dawn (Bride make-up)
Nicole    (Bridesmaid Make-up)
Sarah-Jane Green (Bride hair)
Anna Thompson (Bridesmaids hair)
JasmineJade Photography
Stacey Stevens at Designerflowersessex
Amy Brown at cookie delicious
Venue Stylist:
Mediterranean Occasions
Rob Austen
James from Ultimate Entertainment
Suits from:
Anthony Formalwear
  1. Katie Mar 05th 14:15

    This is absolutely stunning!
    Do you know where the brides tiara is from?

    • Jasmine Jade Mar 13th 11:21

      Thanks very much, sadly I do not but I can find out. I will ask Louise for you. It s beautiful isn’t it!

    • Jasmine Jade Mar 13th 11:30

      My tiara was from Ivory & Co. and the style is called Jewel ????
      Louise x


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