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This Saturday I am photographing Gemma & Jonathan’s wedding at Channels Golf Club which has reminded me to share their photoshoot inclusive of a special guest.

As a puppy owner I totally relate to clients who class their pets as their babies. Gemma & Jonathan’s baby is a bull dog named Pheobie and she just makes the most adorable pet photography in Chelmsford don’t you think?!

Pet_Photography_Chelmsford_essex_at Hylands_House Pet_Photography_Chelmsford_02 Pet_Photography_Chelmsford_03 Pet_Photography_Chelmsford_04 Pet_Photography_Chelmsford_05 Pet_Photography_Chelmsford_06 Pet_Photography_Chelmsford_07 Pet_Photography_Chelmsford_08 Pet_Photography_Chelmsford_09 Pet_Photography_Chelmsford_10 Pet_Photography_Chelmsford_11 Pet_Photography_Chelmsford_12 Pet_Photography_Chelmsford_13 Pet_Photography_Chelmsford_14 Pet_Photography_Chelmsford_15 Pet_Photography_Chelmsford_16 Pet_Photography_Chelmsford_17 Pet_Photography_Chelmsford_18 Pet_Photography_Chelmsford_19 Pet_Photography_Chelmsford_20 Pet_Photography_Chelmsford_21



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