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When Jenna and Samuel contacted me and asked if they could have a picnic themed engagement shoot I over enthusiastically agreed and arranged for a couple of awesome suppliers to help us out.

The lovely ladies from Vintage Flair  offered their gorgeous cake stand, cake slice teapots and teacups. The items where a perfect match for Jenna and Samuel’s picnic blanket and cleverly co-ordinated outfits.  Blossom Hill Florist did a fantastic job of the flowers. I think they where the most gorgeous array of flowers I have ever seen, and I have seen a few!

With a wet and windy start to the day we thought we may have to cancel but the forecast promised sun and thats what we got.  I really enjoyed the shoot, thanks to Jenna and Samuel for organising it, I am really looking forward to the wedding later this year at Gaynes Park.

Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_01 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_31 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_30 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_29 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_28 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_27 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_26 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_25 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_24 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_23 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_22 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_21 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_20 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_19 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_18 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_17 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_16 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_15 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_14 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_13 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_12 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_11 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_10 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_09 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_08 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_07 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_06 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_05 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_04 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_03 Picnic_Themed_Photoshoot_02

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