Eloise and Reece Cuddling at Gosfield Hall in the sun
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Eloise and Reece chose the stunning Gosfield Hall to hold their spring wedding ceremony and celebration. As a recommended Gosfield Hall wedding photographer it is always a pleasure for me to shoot weddings there. The stunning Georgian Manor House has won awards as a wedding venue and it is no surprise to see why. With an Australian groom, whose guests had travelled a long way to see their boy get married, it seemed fitting to welcome them to a stunning country house that was formerly a royal residence.
Eloise’s bridal suite was amazing and gave a perfect setting for her to prepare for the ceremony. Eloise looked stunning in her Enzoani Dress from the fabulous Bellissima Weddings . I absolutely loved her stunning yet elegant look. A wonderful moment was when Eloise’s father and bridesmaids saw her for the first time and I managed to take a great shot. Talking of bridesmaids, I have to say they were some of the most attentive I have ever encountered, their duties included hand feeding Eloise grapes, holding her cathedral length vale and crying in all the right places, and led by Eloise’s sister and maid of honour Polly, they performed these duties brilliantly.
Eloise’s hair looked amazing as she chose a classic style with a modern twist that really framed her beautiful face. The brides and bridesmaids hair was provided by MORR HAIR.
As always, Gosford Hall’s wonderful co-ordinators Catherine and Jess were on hand to ensure that everything ran smoothly for Eloise and Reece’s big day. As it was a sunny day they were able to have their ceremony conducted outside in the beautiful courtyard, a truly unique setting.
Most of the stationery was hand-made, tea stained and printed by Eloise and Polly giving the tables a personal and vintage feel.
In the morning Eloise presented Reece with a homemade gift book telling their story. It moved him to tears (a tough Aussie man who is not prone to crying!)
A beautiful bride and groom and a truly stylish and elegant wedding. This couple and this venue made my job on the day an absolute joy!
Congratulations to Eloise and Reece for getting married at Gosfield Hall and creating such a beautiful and memorable day for yourselves, your family and your friends.
Dress from Bellisima Weddings
Suits from Coes with accessories from Moss Bros
Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Flowers: Cherubs Florists

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