Jasmine, we absolutely LOVE the photos! Your photos showed so many parts of the day that we had missed out on (girls in the garden, boys mucking about at langtons – sorry about that!!) and so many action shots – it’s just what we wanted!! Oh and I really like the ‘retro’ / ‘lomo’ effect you’ve used on a few on them to match our vintage theme.
Thanks again so much for everything, from stopping me from crying whilst putting on my dress, to having to rush rush rush all over the place!! I’ll def be recommending you to everyone that I can, not that you need the business, it seems like you’re crazy busy! But seriously, as the fuss-pot-hard-to-please designer that I am, I would gladly tell anyone that I was astounded by your work and was so happy that as another creative you understood me!! Hope to work with you again some day!!

Langtons on 24th September 2011