We would recommend and encourage anyone to book Jasmine as their wedding photographer. Not only does she take the most beautiful, stunning, unique pictures she is also a tremendous support on what is one of the most pressurized, stressful (and wonderful!) days of your life. Both in the run up and during the day she was fantastic at putting our minds at rest and ensuring that we enjoyed every minute. We had very challenging weather on our wedding day which really nearly got the better of us but she remained upbeat and unfazed and guided us through – you would not even know that it was grey and raining from our incredible pictures! Such time and care was taken during the process after the wedding day too, we had a fantastic viewing session at Jasmine’s with our beautiful pictures on a huge screen with lovely music in the background, it really took us back and made us beam, not to mention the stunning album that came after that which really took our breath away. We really couldn’t recommend her enough, there’s hundreds of wedding photographers out there but to us Jasmine stood out from the start!