The Sheldrake Family

After the rush of Christmas I was invited to photograph the Sheldrake Family at their fabulous home in Little Baddow.


It was lovely to spend time with them and get to know them as they played cards, cuddled their dogs, played on the xbox and attempted to make waffles, or maybe I should say burn waffles. Well we all had fun at least.


I spent sometime with both the children individually in their bedrooms and learnt a little more about them and their hobbies. Millie loves her makeup and so I photographed her playing with it and also doing some drawing. Josh is into his football so he spent a fair amount of time kicking a ball at me (as I requested!)


I really enjoyed capturing them in a relaxed way in their home and I hope the photographs show their warmth and love as a family.


Sheldrake Family Photography at Home with the dogsrelaxed family photography