Gosfield Hall

Gosfield Hall Wedding Venue

I remember the first time I laid eyes on photographs of Gosfield Hall and it just looked sensational. It immediately became “THE” wedding venue I wanted to photograph. That was over 15years ago, and since then I have photographed countless weddings here. I’m very proud that I am a recommended wedding photographer at Gosfield Hall. Consequently I get the opportunity to photograph weddings here throughout all seasons.

This blog is about Gosfield Hall venue. I have carefully selected a varied portfolio of imagery from the interior and exterior of this magnificent venue to show you around and give you an insight from a photographer’s point of view.

About Gosfield Hall

Gosfield Hall is situated in the picturesque village of Gosfield near Braintree, and is surrounded by Essex Countryside. With its beautiful landscaped gardens and stunning Georgian architecture, Gosfield Hall makes an ideal wedding venue. It unashamedly screams luxury in every way.

For want of a more elegant description, Gosfield Hall is a huge square building laid out around a central courtyard. It boasts four facades each with its own unique style in keeping with the grandeur of its Georgian heritage.

The South Facade - The Sun Terrace

The centre of this facade possesses an arched sashed window serving as door onto the sun terrace. The window allows you to enjoy the views without challenging the magnificent landscape as a door would do.

As you exit the window, you are immediately greeted by two stone lion-like sculptures positioned either side a downward staircase thereby inviting you to enjoy its sunken lawn complete with water fountain. In the Summer, Spring and Autumn The Sun Terrace is a perfect spot for Gosfield Halls’ guests to socialise after the wedding breakfast.

Gosfield Hall – The Sun Terrace

Framing the entire garden is a Ha-Ha wall. These walls are designed to prevent access from livestock into the formal gardens but without obstructing the views of the beautiful landscapes surrounding these old Manor Houses. The name “ha-ha” is thought to have stemmed from the exclamations of surprise by those coming across them; as the walls were intentionally designed so as not to be visible on the plane of the landscape. Gosfield Hall’s two Iconic stone Stag sculptures sit at the far corners of the wall, looking out towards the view of farmers’ fields and Gosfield’s lake.

The Stag and Haha Wall

The North Facade- The Car Park

As you follow Gosfield Hall’s driveway meandering through its parkland this is the first sighting of Gosfield Hall you see and it gives any visitor an understanding of its wow factor. This side of the building is rarely photographed, as its always full of cars. However that doesn’t take away from how beautiful this facade is.

The Stag and Haha Wall

 The East Facade - The Main Entrance by foot

The East side is used as the main entrance for your guests. Set around a triple height double door it gives your guests an imposing entrance.

The Main Guest Entrance

I like to use this side of the building for intimate couple shots after the ceremony. I use it because it is sheltered from the sun and still demonstrates the grandeur of Gosfield Hall. Also this side has a rose garden and florals. I often include these in photographs to give an English country garden theme to wedding photographs. From here there is also a footpath to the Gosfield church for your friends and family to make a pilgrimage to the church.

The Rose Garden at Gosfield Hall
The walk from Gosfield Church to Gosfield Hall

The West Facade - The Clock Tower

The clock tower has a driveway that is left exclusively for the use of  Bride and Groom and Bridal Party. Therefore if you are having your wedding at a church it makes for a spectacular entrance directly  into the heart of the Hall and the courtyard.

The Exclusive Driveway at The Clock Tower Entrance of Gosfield Hall

With the sun setting on this side of Gosfield Hall, it makes for the most beautiful photography. If you’re blessed with a sunny day, I will often leave the intimate couple shots for after the wedding feast and work in the early evening light. This results in golden airy images, an absolute favourite of mine for Gosfield Hall Wedding photography.

The Courtyard at Gosfield Hall

Personally, my favourite area for after the ceremony for you to enjoy socialising with your guests (with the exception of winter weddings). It’s also my go to spot for formal group shots if required. It is a cool spot unlike the sun terrace because it is sheltered from the sun. It also has simple backdrops not detracting from the people in your photographs.

The Bride and Groom often asked me photograph them coming out of the blue doors and have their guests throw confetti.  Working with two photographers is great for this. I normally position myself to get a silhouette wedding photograph of the backs of the Bride and Groom exiting, whilst my second shooter will capture the emotion of the confetti moment as the Bride and Groom celebrate the moment. A parade of joy shared by all.

In June and July, weather permitting the evening sunset will come through the Clock Tower arch and directly into the courtyard bouncing off the water fountain, which creates a  spectacular effect.

The Courtyard can also be set up to have the ceremony under the clock tower arch. Its not the only option for outside ceremonies at Gosfield Hall but is my preferred location. However I just love the Grand Salon for ceremonies.

The Grand Salon at Gosfield Hall

The Grand Salon can be used either as the entrance for your guests or for your ceremony.  It is my favourite spot for a wedding ceremony because of its, neutral tones, triple height Georgian sash windows and elegant painted ceiling.

It takes away the worry of weather limitations that outside ceremonies acquire.

The Grand Salon Ceremony Room

In the winter it’s my go to spot for family photographs because its sheltered from the weather but has a neutral background. This helps focus the eye on the guests in the photograph. I love to work in front of the fireplace.

I often use the windows for my signature shot at Gosfield Hall. With the Bride and Groom silhouetted against the huge windows capturing strength and elegance in harmony. This is where I captured the notorious wedding photograph of Mrs Hinch.

Mrs Hinch Wedding Photograph at Gosfield Hall

Main Staircase at Gosfield Hall

Gosfield Hall has many staircases, but positioned next to the Grand Salon is the Main Staircase. Many couples choose to decorate the stairs with flowers. However it is just as glorious left unadorned.  After the wedding ceremony it works as a perfect spot for displaying a wedding cake. It’s the real hub of Gosfield Hall. As a wedding photographer I love to capture the changing shapes of people as they climb the stairs towards the first floor, home to the Ballroom.

The Main Stairs – Flowers By Jades

The Ballroom

The Ballroom setting, brings a freshness to formality. With its super high painted ceiling, panelled wall and Georgian windows the Ballroom really has the wow factor. It makes for an absolutely perfect, almost regal setting for the wedding breakfast and speeches.

The Ballroom – Flowers by Jades

The Queens Gallery

The Queens Gallery is on the 1st floor of the west wing. It is Gosfield Hall’s main Ceremony Room. This room has beautiful natural light. This factor, mixed with its super long aisle make for really special moments when the Groom sees his Bride for the first time.

Last year many of my couples opted to have J F Styling soften the structure by adding a white carpet and blossom trees.

Queens Gallery – Styled by J F Styling, Flowers by Jades

The Bridal Suite at Gosfield Hall

The bridal suite at Gosfield Hall is simply breathtaking. Complete with a dressing room, bathroom with jacuzzi, a lounge area, four poster bed and its famous infinity mirrors. Its the perfect backdrop to enjoy getting ready with bridesmaids and to soak up the atmosphere of Gosfield Hall. In the Autumn and winter afternoons the low light can travel through the south facing windows, a delight for photographers.

A Recommended Wedding Photographer for Gosfield Hall

Gosfield Hall’s elegance and classic charm perfectly complement my wedding photography style. This venue enables me to capture the simple essence of the pure joy that you and your guests will experience on your wedding day.  The resulting photographs will provide  you, your family, friends and the generations to follow with an aide-memoir of the day spent, steeped in love and beauty and  surrounded by the grandeur and history that is  Gosfield Hall.

For more information about Gosfield Hall, Gosfield, Essex CO9 1SF 01787 427 914



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