Nina & Chris’ Wedding Photography at Blake Hall

Ever since Nina and Chris booked me for their wedding photography at Blake Hall, I have been waiting in anticipation. Being a wedding geek, and finding out all the suppliers that where involved bought me to the conclusion that this wedding would be full of pretty, and I wasn’t wrong.

Nina and her Bridesmaids where fitted out by The Bespoke Wardrobe, one of my very favourite shops. The dress is a Susan Neville (possible my favourite designer of 2014) and the Bridesmaids wore Two birds dresses. Now, for a long long time I have had a obsession with Emmy, and when Nina told me her shoes where Emmy’s I, a) screamed with excitement b) regretted not having these shoes for my big day c) considered stealing them! But all went well and Nina got to keep them!

The flowers are by the lovely Karen at The Flower Mill, which tied everything at Blake Hall together so beautifully.

A big shout out to David at Rideout who covered the videography, it is aways a pleasure working with the A team!

Congratulations to Nina and Chris, thank you so much for having me capture your moments I can not wait to share all the photos with you real soon. Love Jas xxBlake_Hall_01.jpg Blake_Hall_02.jpg Blake_Hall_03.jpg Blake_Hall_04.jpg Blake_Hall_05.jpg Blake_Hall_06.jpg Blake_Hall_07.jpg Blake_Hall_08.jpg Blake_Hall_09.jpg Blake_Hall_10.jpg Blake_Hall_11.jpg Blake_Hall_12.jpg Blake_Hall_13.jpg Blake_Hall_14.jpg Blake_Hall_15.jpg Blake_Hall_16.jpg Blake_Hall_17.jpg Blake_Hall_18.jpg Blake_Hall_19.jpg Blake_Hall_20.jpg Blake_Hall_21.jpg Blake_Hall_22.jpg Blake_Hall_23.jpg Blake_Hall_24.jpg Blake_Hall_25.jpg Blake_Hall_26.jpg Blake_Hall_27.jpg Blake_Hall_28.jpg Blake_Hall_29.jpg Blake_Hall_30.jpg Blake_Hall_31.jpg Blake_Hall_32.jpg Blake_Hall_33.jpg Blake_Hall_34.jpg Blake_Hall_35.jpg Blake_Hall_36.jpg Blake_Hall_37.jpg Blake_Hall_38.jpg Blake_Hall_39.jpg Blake_Hall_40.jpg Blake_Hall_41.jpg Blake_Hall_42.jpg Blake_Hall_43.jpg Blake_Hall_44.jpg Blake_Hall_45.jpg Blake_Hall_46.jpg Blake_Hall_47.jpg Blake_Hall_48.jpg Blake_Hall_49.jpg Blake_Hall_50.jpg Blake_Hall_51.jpg Blake_Hall_52.jpg Blake_Hall_53.jpg Blake_Hall_54.jpg Blake_Hall_55.jpg Blake_Hall_56.jpg Blake_Hall_57.jpg Nina and Chris Blake Hall wedding Blake_Hall_59.jpg Blake_Hall_60.jpg Blake_Hall_61.jpg Blake_Hall_62.jpg Blake_Hall_63.jpg Blake_Hall_64.jpg Blake_Hall_65.jpg Blake_Hall_66.jpg Blake_Hall_67.jpg Blake_Hall_68.jpg Blake_Hall_69.jpg Blake_Hall_70.jpg Blake_Hall_71.jpg Blake_Hall_72.jpg Blake_Hall_73.jpg Blake_Hall_74.jpg Blake_Hall_75.jpg Blake_Hall_76.jpg Blake_Hall_77.jpg Blake_Hall_78.jpg Blake_Hall_79.jpg Blake_Hall_80.jpg Blake_Hall_81.jpg Blake_Hall_82.jpg Blake_Hall_83.jpg Blake_Hall_84.jpg Blake_Hall_85.jpg Blake_Hall_86.jpg Blake_Hall_87.jpg Blake_Hall_88.jpg Blake_Hall_89.jpg Blake_Hall_90.jpg Blake_Hall_91.jpg Blake_Hall_92.jpg Blake_Hall_93.jpg Blake_Hall_94.jpg Blake_Hall_95.jpg Blake_Hall_96.jpg Blake_Hall_97.jpg Blake_Hall_98.jpg Blake_Hall_99.jpg Blake_Hall_100.jpg Blake_Hall_101.jpg Blake_Hall_102.jpg Blake_Hall_103.jpg